Karcher? Generac? AR North America? Simpson? or a Sun Joe pressure washer? Electric or gas? Low or high PSI? Low or high GPM? Not sure which pressure washer to buy? Use our selection tool below and compare different pressure washers against each other.

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There are so many pressure washers on the market today it can drive you crazy trying to select the right one. Relax. This site has all the information you need to make a good choice - without the need to become an expert yourself.

Ever wonder what all those rating acronyms mean, like PSI and GPM? Covered. Ever try to puzzle out which is better: an electric or gas-powered model? Done. Ever ask yourself what kinds of accessories are available from which manufacturers? Done.

You get clear explanations of all those acronyms, specs, and more that help you arrive at a final choice. In the reviews, you get detailed, easy-to-follow answers and to questions you, sometimes, didn't even think to ask. I rank for you the more popular models - by PSI, GPM and other useful attributes - and explain why they're popular.

What you'll find here isn't just a lot of technical, gear-head jargon that assumes you're an expert already. If you were, you wouldn't need this site for guidance. Instead, you get practical, easy-to-digest info and advice that helps you make the right buying decision.

I do that in as unbiased a way as humanly possible. I have no favorite manufacturer and no financial interest in helping one over the other. I have preferred models, certainly, and ones I'm not as keen on. But those preferences are the result of long study and observation of pressure washers in real-world use.

Strangely enough, I also have a passion for the subject. I love good products and I love to tell others about them. Nothing gets me quite as excited as discovering a new product that does the job better, easier, and - one always hopes - less expensively than some older one.

I take the long-term view here. Pressure washers cost more than many other home care products. You want and expect to use one for a long time and want it to continue to work well for years. So, I look beyond the flash and consider how your model might work over the long haul, how it stands up to the years of hard duty you'll give it.

So, join us in exploring the world of pressure washers. Look through some of the articles that explain the basics. Read some reviews. And, by all means, let me know what you think. Like the manufacturers, I'm always looking to improve how I can provide you with all the info you need. Thanks, and Welcome to BestRatedPressureWashers.com!